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Our Programs

We understand the importance of providing a stimulating, engaging and supportive education to all children in our care. Educators incorporate the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure effective learning and undertake continual training to enhance their skills and knowledge.  
Educators provide a balance of child initiated and teacher directed experiences for children in our care. We have a degree qualified educator and other devoted educators who are passionate about early years education. 
Teddy Bear Corner Childcare uses EARLYWORKS, a comprehensive early childhood education programming, documentation and communication system. Families can view a child’s information securely via a mobile app or on the home computer and can contribute comments and feedback at any time. 


Earlyworks allows our Educators to document your child's daily activities and interests and provides a way for us to communicate in 'real-time' with families of

Teddy Bear Corner.

Each of our families are given login details and are able to securely access their child's profile and follow their progress as it happens throughout each day. This allows an open and accessable line of communication between Educators and parents.

Please click on the 'Earlyworks' screen to learn more about this software.

Download the new Earlyworks APP

Accessing your Child's portfolio has never been easier with the new Earlyworks App. Follow the links below to Download 

Junior Goals

Junior Goals is a great fun football program for children between the ages of 3–6 years and are held FOR FREE every Tuesday & Thursday mornings at Teddy Bear Corner LDC. Through the use of puppets and special theme days each class helps children to learn and gain confidence while having so much fun.

Soccer ROB:"We help children relate fun & enjoyable experiences to exercise. It is a proven statistic that children who exercise are more likely to continue this practise into adulthood."

The Junior Goals curriculum links in with the Early Years Learning Framework.


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